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Dear CHA Biotech Shareholders, I am Sang Hoon Oh, the CEO of CHA Biotech.

I sincerely thank you for encouraging the management and giving us valuable feedbacks with constant affection and interest.

I plan to set three top priorities.

First, we will accelerate the research and development of cell therapies by strengthening ourR&D capabilities.

President Jong Sung Choi, the former CEO of R&D, will oversee the R&D business, and we will work together to produce tangible results in a short period of time.

Second, we will strengthen the competitiveness of the existing business and expand the market overseas.

By enhancing the competitiveness of Cord Blood Banking Business and Bio Insurance Business, we will endeavor to secure profitability even before cell therapy commercialization. We will strengthen our platform by expanding the network of global specialized hospitals in other countries such as U.S, Southeast Asia, and Europe, and also make efforts to grow into a global bio group by linking R&D with business operations.

Third, we will improve our business profitability through the creation of a new line of business.

We will further promote the open innovation, which was first launched last year, and actively engage in internal and external cooperation of the company.

Through this, we will continue to seek new business opportunities and discover businesses that can generate revenue.

To accomplish these tasks at an early stage, we will also make efforts to strengthen the fundamentals of business operation through continuous reform of the business structure and process innovation.

We will be wary of familiarity with constant curiosity and overcome challenges with a sense of responsibility. We will also establish a creative corporate culture that discovers the newness from the things that are not logical, things that we haven’t experienced, and things that are different from conventional ideas.

With differentiated technologies and services that can deliver healing and hope to the global healthcare market, we will make every effort to become CHA Biotech growing together with our shareholders.

Again, on behalf of all executives of CHA Biotech, I would like to express my deepest gratitude for your constant support and unwavering trust.

Sincerely yours,

Sang Hoon Oh
Chief Executive Officer

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