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CHA Biotech is a bio company specialized in development of cell and gene therapy with various source technologies related to stem cells and immune cells.

CHA Biotech is the only company in Korea that has a collective eco-system integrating CHA Medical University, CHA Advanced Research Institute, and CHA Hospitals within the group collaborating to develop new drugs by conducting basic research and clinical trials up to commercialization.

CHA Biotech has the world's largest cell library (embryonic and adult stem cells, immune cells) that can be applied to cure various diseases, and has differentiated technology including 88 globally registered patents for cell technology. Based on our R&D competency, the company develops cell and gene therapies for diseases that are unmet and are in high demand for cure such as cancer, incurable diseases, and aging-related diseases.
CHA Biotech has a differentiated business structure that can support continuous R&D activities. The company is enjoying high sales growth and profit, which has led to strengthened capability of the business divisions to generate cash. This virtuous cycle is structured to continuously fund our clinical trials.
CHA Biotech also continues to seek new business opportunities. Matica Biotechnology Co., Ltd, located in Texas USA was established to operate a third-generation cell and gene CDMO business. When the CGB (Cell Gene Biobank) and cGMP grade CDMO facility in 2nd Techno Valley Pangyo is completed in 2024, it will serve as a global cell and gene therapy manufacturing hub that is in high-quality and highly efficient.
CHA Biotech will make its best efforts to accelerate R&D development and generate superb performance from our new business and leap beyond Korea to become a global bio company.
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