Investment Information

Investment InformationCorporate Filings

No. Date Document Presentation Obligator
1 2020.09.14 Organization of Investor Relations Event Chabiotech Co.,Ltd.
2 2020.09.09 Material Management Information related to Judgment of Investment(고형암 환자 대상 'CBT101'의 1상 임상시험계획 승인) Chabiotech Co.,Ltd.
3 2020.09.03 Additional Listing(주식매수선택권행사) Chabiotech Co.,Ltd.
4 2020.07.15 Material Management Information related to Judgment of Investment('퇴행성 요추 추간판으로 인한 만성 요통 환자'에 대한 'CordSTEM-DD'의 임상 1/2a상 임상시험계획의 변경 승인) Chabiotech Co.,Ltd.
5 2020.06.26 Additional Listing(주식매수선택권행사) Chabiotech Co.,Ltd.
6 2020.06.24 Other Management Information(Obtainment of Patent)(Voluntary Disclosure)(향상된 산후 부착형 세포 및 그의 제조 방법) Chabiotech Co.,Ltd.
7 2020.06.19 Results of issuance(Voluntary Disclosure)(제7회차 BW) Chabiotech Co.,Ltd.
8 2020.06.19 Results of issuance(Voluntary Disclosure)(제6회차 CB) Chabiotech Co.,Ltd.
9 2020.06.18 [Revised]Decision on Issuing of Bonds with Warrant(제7회차) Chabiotech Co.,Ltd.
10 2020.06.17 Decision on Issuing of Bonds with Warrant(제2회차) Chabiotech Co.,Ltd.
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